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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tiny Tuesday-Blocks 12 & 13

After 2 weeks not making Midget Blocks from Sentimental Stitches, I dug into my scrap bag, found great fabrics and sat down to sew these 2 blocks while watching a couple episodes of McLeod's Daughters on Netflix.  

Block 12 is called Indiana Puzzle and 13 is called Sheep Field (which makes no sense to me). Both of these are blocks I had to copy from finished blocks because I had used the originals for scrap paper.  With the weather being uncertain today -snow mostly - I will hopefully keep my power and be able to make a couple more blocks today.


Nancy said...

Looking good. . .you are making progress.

scraphappy said...

Looks like you did a nice recreation. Did you see that one of the outer corners on the first block is rotated? The other corners have seams pointing toward the center. Hope you are able to keep power. Being snowed in without electricity is no fun at all.