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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waste Not Wednesday

Today at Jo's Country Junction, Jo talks about planning her time while she is the passenger on a road trip.  I do the same thing she does but probably for a different reason.  I am a horrible passenger!  So I always have a "To Go Project".  My current project is my granny square afghan which is also the project I have been working on off and on during my Binding Friends Wednesday group.

I have figured out that crochet is the best car project for me.  Better than knitting where I must pay attention or I have to rip out.  I am not good at picking up my stitches so that usually means I have to start over.  With crochet, I can just take out what I need to and go from there.

Since I took the time to get this project organized (and my ball winder is here so my yarn has been wound into manageable balls) I just make sure I have what I need in my 2 gallon zip bag (how much do I love these things!) so when we are going, I just grab my bag.

On our last trip to town and I dropped my scissors, I told Ernie I needed to rig up a little stuff holder.  Then I remembered this tutorial from Karen at Sew Many Ways.  So this morning on my way to BF, I am going to stop and pick up a cup holder.

Today is a good day to write your own Waste Not Wednesday post and link up here with Jo.


Nancy said...

What did we do before zip-lock bags? I use them to organize knitting projects and gadgets, too.

Jo said...

Truth be told..I'm not the best passenger either. :)

Judy D in WA said...

Comment testing...I hope there are no weird word verification things.

LuAnn said...

I am a terrible passenger, too, so I always have something to work on or a magazine that I haven't seen in awhile. I totally agree about the crochet. That is usually my take along project, too. I love your squares.