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Friday, July 09, 2010

Garden Fun Update

I was reading Stephanie's blog-Scraps and see she has an update on her tipsy tower. Since I basically copied her tipsy tower, I thought I would show an update of mine too. I moved mine after telling hubby I needed his help to pound the rebar into the ground more. He told me if I pounded it in anymore, I would be going right into the sewer line. Whoopsie...... So I moved it to the front of the deck and pounded the rebar in the ground too far to put the fifth pot on.
This is a pot full of wave petunias that Taylor planted last week. They are doing great in their new home.
I love looking out the window and seeing all the colorful pots. They make me happy.
The wheelbarrow is looking full and fantastic. I think today would be a good day to give it a drink of Miracle Grow and see if that stuff really works. (I know it does!)


Stephanie D. said...

Yours is growing great, too! With this heat, I'm having to water the pots twice a day because they're drying out. The downfall of clay pots! But they make me smile, too.

Diane said...

I saw the post of Stephanie's at "Scraps" blog today too and remembered (again) that I was going to make a tipsy tower and you actually did. Yours is looking good too, as is all your flower pot plantings. Smiles all around!

Anonymous said...

I love your tipsy tower... I wish I had a green thumb. Everything I touch seems to wither away.

Beth said...

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.