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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wanted: 2 More Hours Just For Sleeping

I'm having a week short on sleep. Late to bed and early up. Someplace to be or something to do every day this week. Tomorrow, after Hubby leaves for work, I am going back to bed and not getting up until I want to!

I bet I don't even think of going back to bed. The garbage truck should be backing up the driveway about 6:30, the big dog will bark like a maniac and little dog will try to get under the covers. The birds will be singing and the chickens will start their daily gossip session.

I have flannel yardage in the dryer to make into a back and load that on the machine. I have to pick up Taylor so she can spend the night and while I'm in town, she can help me grocery shop. We have a picnic to go to on Saturday and on Sunday the family will be here for a BBQ.

With all of this on my mind, I wonder when I can sneak in just a couple more hours of sleep. Now??? Yes, I think I will go to bed now, maybe I'll read for a while!!!

I saw this huge butterfly hovering over my flowers this morning. She was so busy, she didn't notice I was there. I took one picture and then left her alone.


Brenda said...

I woke up feeling like I had been asleep for days and days... i would almost rather the not enough sleep feeling than the not enough one....... I hope you have had you nap and now feel refreshed and ready for anything!! Have fun on the picnic. I should plan one of those. yup, I think I will now that summer is offically here!!
thanks for the great idea!! have fun shopping!!

Julia said...

I know the sleep deprivation feeling. My mom has been in the hospital since Wed. She got out today and is back at the nursing home only 5 min. from my house. I am going to skip church tomorrow. I never do that. I'm very behind on my sewing! Beautiful photograph.