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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Mojo Is Home!

Yeah, the Mojo is home to stay for a while! I hate it when it goes away and comes back for a little while, only to leave again. But it's back in full force now. And for that, I am happy. I decided to make this big post before I lose my pictures on my computer. This brand new computer is giving us fits! And yes, I have things backed up! Weird, I know!!

Last week at Marian's I made my 2 June blocks for the Stashbuster BOM and yesterday I did the 2 for July. I am in love with this quilt finally. I'm so happy to be caught up with the blocks. I hope I continue this new trend I have going! Having the July blocks so early is kind of scary for me......what if I forget about this by August!

This beauty is the 2007/8 BOM from the Carol Doak Yahoo group. I finally got the fabric for the sashing and borders. This morning I made my star cornerstones for the center and now I am sewing the rows together. I'm hoping to have this UFO marked off my list soon.
Speaking of UFOs...Here is my plan for Bamma's Flower Garden. Thanks to everyone for the fabulous ideas. I have renewed energy for this now and have even completed a couple blocks for the side borders. I have to make a trip to the quilt shop tomorrow to find the green fabric I want for the grass/picket fence area I have planned. Ideas are still welcome and your name will be added to the others in the drawing. Fun time!

This morning, UFO Mom posted the next UFO number for our small group. It's #6. My UFO is a mystery from a different online group.........yeah, I belong to several.....and I've never been happy with the final border, the binding is even made. I have some fun fabric to use for the back and I've decided I am going to get it quilted and finished and give it to my friend Nadine for her charity. Someone else will love it. And besides, I have 3 new pantographs to try out!


JENNY B said...

ohhh-- can I have dibs on the brown and pink one--- pretty pretty to my little eyes! ok-- got to get bakc to writing my papers!

Diane said...

Love the birdhouses! I can't tell the new order of the rows - other than the "suns" are on top.
Love it!
LT Diane