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Monday, December 29, 2008

Lovin' On Safeway

Do you use your Safeway club card? I do and yesterday we got to reap the benifits. Safeway had a special promotion for your gas reward points if used your club card when you bought gift cards from them. We bought several gift cards for our adult children for Christmas gifts.
Yesterday while on our way to buy a new computer, I reminded Hubby to stop at the Safeway gas station and fill up the Bronco because we had to use our reward points by the end of the year. We have offered these to our kids that live in town but no one had used them. Silly kids, when your mom tells you to use the Safeway gas station, you might want to listen to her! Now I will be saying "I told you so!!!" and laughing like a mad woman.
We filled up the Bronco with 12 gallons of premium gas for the cost of 12 cents! That's right, 12 cents. HAHAHAHAHA! I told you so. We saved $2.04 a gallon. Can you believe it. I don't know if there is any more savings left there but if you need a fill up and you are near a Safeway station and have a club card, you might want to fill up.
Lovin' on you Safeway and your Club Card. Track my spending. I don't care.

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Mike, Crystal, Peanut & Maemae said...

The fuel savings are gone, you hogged them all up in one fatal swoop!