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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey Sonya, Look At This!!!

The "5 Year Old" quilt is off the frame waiting for someone to make some binding. We are so funny with our names of quilts. Sonya was involved in a pastel and white 9 patch swap and in a heart block swap. She combined the blocks to make this quilt for a friend's 5 year old daughter, making this the "5 Year Old" quilt. When she first told me about it, I thought it was a top that she had done for 5 years. I mean, geez, that wouldn't be uncommon for me. I think I have a few of those.

This is the quilt that made me almost be a bald woman. First I tried using a batik for the back. The fabric is beautiful, my machine hated! it. So after a row and a half, I picked it all out. We decided that flannel would be more snuggley anyhow and that was the right decision. This quilt is definetly snuggley.

This is the first time I used Jodi Beamish's pantograph Plumage and I can't wait to use it on something else. But first I am going to load another quilt with a fun name but I can't talk about that until after Christmas, just in case.

Yesterday's post where I worship the ground Bev walks on should have included a link to her website. So I will include it here. It is called Dancing Threads Custom Quilting and when you visit, you will see her dancing threads. And a picture of Bev. She looks like the sweetest lady and talking to her yesterday proofs to me that she is. Again, Thank You Bev for taking the time to calm me down and tell me to loosen my tension. I think she meant on the machine and in my shoulders. :-)

After the mystery quilt is finished, I am going to take some time and work on my stack of quilts. I know that sounds kind of selfish but I am starting to feel a little guilty about not finishing my own things. That will last until I get the sweet little whiney voice that says "I need this quilt done 3 days ago!" and Oh, OK!
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