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Friday, March 23, 2007

All the Snews That is Snews!

There has been a bit going on around here in the last couple of weeks.

Happy Birthday to oldest daughter Jenny and Happy Birthday to youngest daughter DeeDee. I've spent alot of time this week remembering when my babies were babies. And now they have babies...ohmygoodnessgracious!

I've finally updated to new blogger and I how have a gmail account. Just wish I could update my pokie ole dialup! Come on TDS Telecom, think about the people that live out in the sticks.....and we aren't in the sticks, we just happen to be a bit too far from their tower. Like 1 1/2 miles too far!

What else--sewing news--I cut up the pieces I need for my quilted jacket class and I have my bias binding ready. Now I just have to get the sweatshirt to create the jacket out of. The class is Thursday. 3 day weekend, rainy Saturday, no plans, think I'll sew.

Oh I am mom to a new dog. 2 year old Bingie is a Peek-a-poo. He was listed on Craig's list and when I went to meet him, I fell in love with him and he was adopted. Everyone in the family and at work has changed his name to Ug-moe--don't ask! He has quickly become Ug. But after a visit to the groomer, he is UgNoMore! I'll post a pic soon.

Now lets see if I am capable of labeling this post and publishing this post. I know, lets call this Snews!

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