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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Catching Up With Myself

Wow, it has been a while since there's been an update. I'm still here with lots of good things going on.

Have you ever seen such perfect little faces? How do you get 5 angels (according to Gramma!), ages 10 1/2 months to 12 years to all smile pretty at the same time? I know my photographer daughter can, but it takes lots of shots and lots of patientce. Actually, she took this picture with my camera and I love it. I have to have at least one picture each Christmas of all the grands.

We spent Christmas Eve with the family at Jenny's house. It's now a tradition that it's at her house. When they were talking about leaving for the holiday, I told her to be sure to leave us the keys for her house. It must have scared her because they stayed home!

There has been very little sewing around this house. We have been working on the house for the last month or so. New floors in the spare bedroom, hallway and bathroom. Actually the bathroom got a complete facelift--almost. The only thing not new in there is the toilet. I just finished painting the ceiling and the walls and will have to put one more coat on. Then Ernie can get the trim done and I can move the bathroom things back in. I'm so afraid he is going to throw out the big garbage bag that has all the towels and extra tp in it!

Our house is quite old, belonging first to my grandparents. We've lived here for almost 32 years (wow!) and have done some remodeling but not alot. We were too busy raising our family. It is now time to take care of some things. So there is only one room left to redo the floor in and that is my old sewing room. I am so afraid to go in there. It was a disaster before but now it is down right scary! It has become the dumping room for all things without a home. So after the hall cupboards are painted and we get back from a trip to Arizona, I am jumping in with both feet and a box of garbage bags. Lord give me strength!

Mike loaded Picasa2 onto my computer so I can upload pictures to my blog but I haven't figured out how to upload more than one at a time. Guess that means I will sign off this post and create another.

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