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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Quiltathon Day 3

I feel like I've had a pretty productive day.
I hemmed my shirt and top stitched the neck of another.
I decided to not cut out shirts but to work on something quilty today.

I pulled out an assortment of greens to make the back for the Crabapple top.
One of our retreat classes in May is for Bonnie's Garden Party.
Since I'm already working on one, I decided to make this one a different colorway.
So I cut a strip from each of my green fabrics before prepping them to become a back.
The pieces were all sewn together and the back is made.

When it was time for lunch, Ernie turned on the TV.
Netflix has a new series called Marvel Iron Fist.
Yes, I got sucked in on this rainy afternoon.

Time to work on some hexies for On The Road Quilt.
These partials are for the top. 
It's early enough in the day that I might get one or 2 attached before I'm done for the day.

Tomorrow is basting day.
I swear!
Since the next Quiltathon is next week, 
Check out Judy L's sidebar for the quiltathon schedule.


AnnieO said...

Sewing up backings is time consuming! I feel like I made another quilt top! Enjoy your hand stitching. I'll be spray basting tomorrow night too.

Mary said...

Quilt a Thon's back to Back. I hope I get to sew a little, maybe Friday. Saturday is Over-Booked as usual in the Spring. Nice to get more Hexies ready. You're making another Garden Party? I WON"T be making a 2nd Midnight Flight- one was enough.