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Monday, March 07, 2016

Design Wall Monday

What a week!
There seems to be a lot going on in my world. 
Nothing serious, just busy, busy.

After reading about Sarah's Scrap Problem, 
I am making time to sew.
I want to sew every day this month.
I'm making 5 (or so) string block a day to try to decrease the amount of strings in my bin.
I wrote about my scrap problem here
Thursday morning, I had an epiphany,
Only making 3" string blocks will take forever to reduce the strings in the bin.

And then I had a huge brain storm! 
I will make larger quilt as you go blocks in addition to the 3" blocks.

10" squares of no longer my favorite fabric were cut for backing.
The batting scrap box came out and scraps of batting were layed out on a backing square.
Starting with black center strips,
9" blocks are being made.
Look at all the stuff that is being used up!
It's a stormy, rainy day here today,
hubby will work out in his shop
(he is newly retired, sort of)
and I will sew!!! 
It's a great day for string blocks.


After  much searching on my blog, 
I didn't find the picture of my last finished quilt as you go string quilt.
July 2014
I'm glad a had a picture of it on my computer!
This quilt lives in hubby's pickup.
The new one will live in my car.
You never know when you will need a quilt!

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Mary said...

YES, even in Quilts - Bigger is Better! Happy & Scrappy!

Mary said...

YES, even in Quilts - Bigger is Better! Happy & Scrappy!

Julie said...

I have MOUNTAINS of strings, MOUNTAINS! I did a quilt as you go one last year and decided I didn't like the technique! I wasn't talented with putting it together I think! I like yours!

gayle said...

I used to make QAYG Log Cabins, but I never tried strings. I love yours, so maybe I should give it a try...