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Monday, March 09, 2015

Design Wall Monday

With everything that has been happening around here,
sewing time has been at a minimum.
The weather has been awesome-sorry to anyone that is snow bound-
so lots of time has been spent outside.

I've been working on my Castle Wall blocks.
The bear block was the first one I cut out and
tried to sew, I wasn't happy with it so it didn't get finished.
Then I decided it belonged in the quilt as it is part of this story.
Now I'm happy with it.

These are blocks 13-17 of the 56 I need.

(Old photo alert!)
I also worked on Pineapple Crazy.
I finished the 5 blocks in this photo, 
finished 5 more and
started a new set of 5.
The bags of scraps don't seem to be getting any smaller!

See what others have on their design wall this week at Patchwork Times.
Time to grab a cuppa and spend time with my friends in Blogland.


Mary said...

Scraps Happen! Glad you are having fun using them up. I am glad we aren't as snowbound as others. I have places to go. Happy Monday!

Ruth said...

I love your castle wall blocks. Keep thinking that I want to do this but in EPP. Are the pieces very tiny and fiddly?

Ramona said...

Your castle blocks are wonderful! I really like the bear. Pineapple blocks are so popular right now. I am avoiding the temptation to join in so far!

Melissa said...

Love the castle wall blocks. I will continue to admire those from afar because it is not on my to-do list at all :) I am only 11 blocks away from finishing my flower garden flowers and then I have to decide on the layout for sure. I enjoy the handwork, and after I finish that one, maybe I will put the CW or another on my list at that time :)

I am really tired of my distractedness (I guess that isn't a word...ha!) over the last year! I need to get my focus back.

Julie said...

I'm glad SOMEONE is having nice weather! We're warming and melting, so there's hope here. I think both your current projects are great! I'm not sure which I'd want to work on most. I've always wanted to do a pineapple, and am currently sorting bins of scraps, but the castle walls have a lot of potential, too. Keep up the work!


Bonnie said...

We've finally shaken out of the crummy snowy, cold weather and had nearly 65ยบ today. YEA! I even saw a bit of it today as I was fabric shopping. But it was raining. Bummer. You seem to have gotten a lot done if you ask me! Those pineapples take a ton of time to make! And, I'm sure castle wall is pretty time consuming too! Good job.