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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Stuff I Have On My Mind

I don't feel good today. I have a nasty cold. It makes me whinie. I'll try not to whine... but I reserve the right.

I've been sitting in hubby's chair, watching last night's Biggest Loser, knitting on Ian's hat when I ran out of yarn. I went into my sewing room (that I have been trying to organize so I knew right where the bin was) to get the other skein of yarn (it's the blue with the tan label-Premier yarn, Deborah Norville collection, Serenity chunky weight, color Stormy) so I can go back to the chair, cover up with my quilt and knit while watching tv. Then I took the lid off the bin and thought hmmm, awesome blog photo! I grabbed my camera and here I am.

I have a list of knitting projects.....first is to finish my monkey socks and Ian's hat. Then there is the checkerboard slipper pattern I found and remembered when my sister made those and now I want a pair! And the other hats and the other socks........where can I find more time! I should be quilting on a quilt for my friend but I don't think now is a good time to work on someone elses quilt...maybe later today. Maybe tomorrow.

I should go to the PO to mail 3 packages...again maybe later today. I don't see myself going out for my walks today. Going out to check for eggs several times a day has become a habit and I try to take a 15 minute walk each time I'm outside but dang, it's cold outside today and you know I don't feel good!

Today is my son Doug's birthday. He is OMG 35!!! When did I get old enough to have children that old (and older)??? Happy Birthday Baby Boy. It seems like yesterday! (sniff, sniff)

I need to decorate for Christmas but I always wait until after Doug's birthday so maybe tomorrow I'll get some stuff out. Right now, I'm going to call my friend Marian and tell her I won't be coming today--I don't want to share my cold with anyone (I just want someone to take it!!) so I'll be sitting in the chair cuddling with my blankie and knitting. Good thing there's beef barley soup in the freezer so dinner will be ready when hubby walks in the door!


Diane said...

Hope you feel better soon. The soup sounds delicious. It's cold and rainy here-good soup weather.
Good weather to just stay in and knit under a quilt.

fancystitching said...

I hope you are better soon, Judy. I'm just getting things together to learn how to knit socks... I'm so jealous of those that can do this! But for SURE it will be after the Christmas quilt rush!!! Get well soon! Kat

julia said...

I have nasty cold too. Not fun, huh?

Cindy from Chippewa Creek said...

Sorry you're feeling so sick!

But I wanted to stop in and say what beautiful work you do!!

CindyP, CiTR

Nancy said...

Oooooh, I've love to pet some of the yarn in your storage bin. The Knit Picks yarn looks really yummy!