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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No School Fun

With today being Veteran's Day and no school, Taylor wanted to spend last night with us. So after a morning of lounging around, she wanted to play with the beads. I set her up at the table and she created herself a very pretty new necklace.

I hope she gets to keep it. I think her mom might try to take it and wear it. Maybe she'll share with mom. "Maybe she won't."

Wonder what we should do next~~~


Judy S. said...

She's a real cutie! She shares her name with several kids in our family who have it as their middle name....my sister and my maiden name! I think it's very cool that folks are using it for a first name.

Diane said...

Taylor is beautiful-love the necklace. She looks like the sharing kind of girl! She looks like she was having a fun time.

Elaine Adair said...

That beautiful young gal has ONE GORGEOUS SMILE!!!

Julia said...

A beautiful necklace on an even more beautiful young lady!! How lucky she is to have you to encourage her creativity!