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Monday, August 17, 2009

Design Wall-Week 12

I guess the only time I am going to post anything almost quilt related this month is on Design Wall Monday hosted by Judy at Patchwork Times. My sewing machine got a little bit of a work out this past week. Not much but enough to produce this cute coil basket.

One day while cruising blogland, I stumbled upon The Quilt Rambler. She had written this post about her morning juice mix. I was intrigued so I kept going to visit to see if she had written any more about it. After a couple days of reading her blog, I was hooked and her blog is now among my favorites. Isn't blogland great??

Fast forward a month and she is hosting a workshop with Jamie Wallen and one day they made these awesome coiled bowls. I loved the look of these and couldn't wait to find out more. I've made several but this was a different technique and I HAD to know how to do this!

I am very pleased to tell you there is a new 2 disc DVD set for sale at Jamie Wallen's website . The DVD is called Mrs. Kings Gallery Baskets. I ordered it and stalked the mail lady until it arrived (which was maybe 3 days after ordering!). All I can say is this DVD is FAB U LOUS! You have Rosanne Campisi right there on your tv teaching you everything! I mean everything! This DVD is full of tips and techniques from start to finish. Every secret she has for making these fabulous baskets is right there for you! I can't wait to get in my sewing room and finish my basket and the lid. And start another and another and another.

I love having a library full of instructional DVDs. I don't go to classes so I bring the classes to me. I have watched each of my DVDs more that once, heck I've probably watched them more than 5 times each. My brain is full of useless information most of the time and it's great having something I can watch again when the information that I need hasn't stayed in the brain. Don't laugh, you know exactly what I'm talking about! I think I'll watch the first part again.


fancystitching said...

LOVE your basket! Was this a rainbow stripe fabric? I've made a couple of them and Jamie's technique is really great. The only change I have made... I will sew (rather than glue) the bottom circle... just looks neater to me.

Great job!

Karen E. Overton said...

Hi Judy, Kathy forwarded me the link to your blog, thanks for being sooo kind about reading mine - I've added you to my favorites too (and yes, I'll talk about the juice stuff again sometime). I really wanted to thank you for posting your photo of your striped gallery basket -- I've had in my mind that striped would be fantastic I just haven't had time to sit down and do one - thanks for proving the theory for me (grin) Isn't Rosanne a fabulous teacher! I met her last year in the A-1 booth at the Houston Quilt Festival. Looking forward to more of her DVD's. In the mean time, I'm like you, I want to do more and more! That's what I plan on giving as Christmas gifts this year and had considered purchasing a whole bolt of Christmas stripe and making lots and lots of baskets! See you in blogville, karen O in TX

laurie01 said...

Having interest on instructional dvds is great! If only I have money, I would afford to provide myself a library of instructional dvds also.

Crys said...

I want a basket. Mae needs on from pinks and browns and turquoise for her room for stuff.

Judy S. said...

Great comment on DVDs vs. classes. And a very cute basket!

Loves To Quilt said...

I love your baskets. Have that pattern and have wanted to try them but they look too intimidating to me.