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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Does This Enhance My Dorkiness?

I have a passion for all things sewing. I can't help myself. I do not apologize for it. I love to sew. I love to watch sewing shows. I search for sewing shows on TV. That includes HSN when they have on the sewing machine sales shows. I record it. Yes, I record it. And I watch it. Sometimes more than once!

I am not interested in buying a new sewing machine. I watch for new project ideas. Like I need anymore ideas. The enthusiasm of the hostess is contagious and makes me want to sew, sew, sew. Not buy.

See my old Kenmore with my paper peicing project I am working on??? I love sewing on this machine. My "fancy" machine is set up for embroidery and I didn't want to change it over. So while I am working on my project this morning (I've been up since 3!!), I search my recordings and there is HSN with the National Sewing Month show. Lucky me!

Now that I have shared this bit of information with you, I hope you understand my dorkiness. I just can't help myself. I love to sew!
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Mike, Crystal, Peanut & Maemae said...

If you were a dinosaur, your name would be giganticous dorkimus. Sweet!

Sue the KB said...

LOL Crystal, or it might be Ginormous dorkimusrex.

Love you Sister :) You be just as dorky as you wanna be, that's why we love you!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I think it's wonderful that you love all things related to sewing. Be proud of your dorkiness! LOL What are you paper-piecing with your old sewing machine?? QGB

Rainma said...

I don't think you are at all dorky! I just finished an apron for a swap and now am working on 3 aprons for my grandchildren, a dress for one of them, a sewing organizer and then there is my quilting & we won't venture there at all! Your machine reminds me of my grandmothers and she could do anything on that old Kenmore! Be as dorky as you want, we here in blog land will still love you!

Cherold said...

We are NOT dorks...we are just enthusiastic about sewing!!!