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Monday, August 18, 2008

Where Have I Been???

I've been right here. Not doing too much but getting a lot of things accomplished. I guess you could say I was in a blogging slump. Pictured above are my Oriental Postcards from the Yahoo group Art4Mail that I have recently joined. This is a group of fabric artists that make postcards, dolls, ATCs, inchies and other fiber arts. Sometimes I feel like I may be in over my head and other times I jump in with both feet and have fun. My postcards that I have signed up for are all mailed. Now I have inchies, flat dolls and an art doll to finish. This is a very nice group of people, you should check it out if this could be your thing. If I can do it, anyone can!

News since the last post is rather slim. The garden is thriving. Especially the zucchini! Today I froze 8 more bags of shredded zucs for breads, cakes, quiche and anything else I can sneak it into. I made quiche tonight that was very delicious. Tomatoes are turning but not making it to the house. I think there is a gianormous tomato theif living here. Hopefully he will get full of them soon so we will have some for the house. We saw a couple small beans so they will be ready real soon.

Last weekend was the family reunion. I am very pleased to report that all my darling children made it this year. It doesn't happen often. In fact when Doug arrived there was quite a buzz as to who he might be! It's nice to see everyone and catch up with all the cousins, neices, nephews and all the greats.

I've been gearing up to start working on more Christmas gifts. I have a plan in place, I just need to start. I've even emailed my friend that is in charge of the Christmas stocking exchange to make sure it is still on for this year because I have a plan for that also. I don't think she was all that excited to start thinking about it but it was fun to read her grumbling email.

I have a couple other pictures to post but I won't get to it tonight. I won a drawing from another blogger and I need to post about that. I feel bad for not doing so sooner.

I'm off here to work on a secret project for someone special. More later.
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