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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Chicklets Are All Home

I talked to Jenny today about 2 and they are almost home. And that makes me one Happy Momma and Gramma! I try real hard not to nose into my children's lives. I don't want to be "one of those" moms. I know they are adults and have to do what is right for their families. But geez, I hate that they had to do it in Texas and Arizona. So today, I am having a very happy day. Jenny and her family are back home in Washington where, in my not so humble opinion, is where they belong! Again, I'm sorry Jenny, I know you loved Texas but damn, I missed you.

How do you like my sunrise picture? I call those God Moments. This was last Tuesday about 7 am. The curtains were still closed and the light through them just looked funny. I peeked out and this is what I saw. Thank you God, I need moments like this.

This quilt top is a mystery from one of my yahoo groups. I had my pieces all cut and ready to go when I got up on Saturday morning. It didn't take too long to figure out what was happening so I just kept plodding along. Then came the time to decide how to set the blocks. I think this was my second setting so I took a picture of it, moved things around again, took another picture and another and came back to this setting. I call it Slightly Off Center. It's kind of like me. So after letting it age for a week, last night I finally got all the blocks sewn together, today I decided on my borders and sometime this week I might put them on.

I had a quilt loaded on the machine that was giving me fits. The backing is batik and my machine evidently doesn't like batiks for backs! I took it off so I could take out the row and a half of pantograph. I retimed the machine thinking that was it and then loaded on a practice piece. It is sewing quite nice but still doesn't like the batiks. I have to come up with something different for the back of the other quilt. Sorry Sonya, we'll figure something out.

This is my crazy dog doing the cat blade walk. He does the funniest things. I just may send him to the circus. Gotta go, Oprah's on.
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