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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Back To Quilting

After work yesterday, I decided I better get my hiney busy and finish Sharon's quilt. I call it "Sharon's Fireworks Watching Quilt". I don't know when Sharon started piecing this top but she hated it. So when she decided she did not want to be a quilter (have you ever heard of this before?!?), she cleared out most of her stash and gave it to me. I had already finished 2 quilts for her. And I had to finish this one. She was just going to throw it in the trash but I couldn't let that happen.

This poor quilt was in a bag with all of it's parts crying to be remade (probably the reason she didn't want to be a quilter). So during this past winter, I took all of the seams apart (Trust me, I will never do that again!) and remade the blocks--Oh I love projects at work. I had them all sewn together and yesterday, after doing some serious sewing room cleaning. I remembered the date and paniced. So I got this project out, added a couple of borders, pieced some of the leftover fabric for a back, then went to bed.

At 5 am, I woke up raring to go. Tiptoed out of the bedroom, shut the door, made coffee, wound a few bobbins, got a cup of coffee in me, loaded the quilt on the frame, warmed up the machine, went out to get another cup of coffee, came back in and went to work. I love doing the loopie meander and this quilt was finished at 10 am. Binding on and machine stitched down. Done, done, done!

Sharon is going to love snuggling up in this quilt. I hope she doesn't have anymore hidden treasures crying to be finished.

What a productive day. Finished a quilt, washed my car, shampooed out the spilled coffee, wrote in my blog. Sometimes I scare myself. Now on to the next project. I need to make some buttonholes.

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anne bebbington said...

Judy - so glad you found my blog just at the right time for you - I hope the instructions are clear enough for you on the FPOT Applique - Good luck - I've found it veeeeerrrrryyy addictive :o)